First Cards of the New Year 2019!


Wow, I realized I haven’t updated in a while!! I got distracted by knitting a lot this Fall and Winter. About to finish making my very first cardigan!

But, I did just pull my first tarot and oracle cards of 2019! The oracle card of the fox from the Animal Spirit Oracle (Wild Unknown oracle) is very on point for me. I have been trying to connect to people more and be more social than I have been.

I did have a break up at the beginning of last year. It made me not want to be with people. That’s changing now! The Ace of Cups is also very true. I have lots of creative ideas that I will be launching this year.

INCLUDING opening an online tarot reading shop! If you would like a reading from me now, please contact me and we can work it out! I want more reading experiences.

In the mean time, Happy New Year! Hopefully, 2019 will be full of light and good things!



Reading Tarot at Parties

I just did readings for my very first party (not a paid one). I have never done readings at a party before. This was during my sister’s bachelorette party last weekend. I was pretty nervous because I knew all of the ladies really well and wasn’t sure what they thought of it and thought I wouldn’t be accurate at all.

Turns out, I was pretty accurate! One of the readings was so obvious, even the woman I was reading for laughed. She doesn’t know anything about tarot but she got the idea. She’s a very busy person and I know just how busy she is. The reading told her to do less and not stress out so much. We thought it was hilarious! It was her first ever reading too.

I found reading for a group of people a bit stressful. I also haven’t done many in person readings. I’m sure it gets easier as you do more of them. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to figure out what to say or that it wouldn’t make sense. I worried for nothing! And they all really liked it and want more readings. I feel much better about reading for others, just from that one party.

I only did quick 3 card readings for everyone. Nothing too fancy. I highly recommend doing it that way if you plan on doing parties. I would be interested in doing a professional party at some point for the experience. I think I would be less nervous with strangers. Less expectations I think, but probably more skepticism.  I don’t know. Will be interesting to compare!

My Tarot Certificate!

CERTIFICATE COURSE Fiona Howell 2018.jpg

Over the Winter, I decided to take a tarot class online (Winter is LONG in New Hampshire). I researched a bunch of them where you can get certified. They were all quite a bit of money so I had to decide on what I could afford to take. Luckily, this class went on sale for half price. It is still half price at $75 instead of $150. I wanted a class that gave me something at the end.

So, I took the tarot certificate course offered by the Tarot Association. I really wanted validation. It’s so hard to evaluate yourself! I’ve only been studying tarot for four years. I kept feeling unsure of what I knew and of my intuition. I haven’t read tarot for many people yet. I would like to start reading for others more and maybe make a website and see how that goes.

I’m always a bit shy of revealing my obsessions to others. It’s always been a hard thing for me to do. I haven’t actually told many people I’m into tarot, except for a few trusted friends that find it cool. I’m a professional musician first. I feel weird about blending the two. Not sure I’m ready for that yet. I am very proud of finishing this course though and intend on doing more classes in the future I think. Possibly doing an intense certification course. This class really boosted my confidence! I got excellent feedback from Marcus Katz who gave me a quote to use. Still shocked he said this:

“Fiona conducted an epic 78-card reading in successful completion of the Tarosophy Tarot Certificate course and I am pleased to recommend her as an excellent reader!”

– Marcus Katz, #1 Top-Selling & Award-Winning Tarot Author, Author of Tarosophy, co-author of Secrets of the Waite-Smith Tarot & co-Director of the Tarosophy Tarot Assocation.



All in all, I’m very pleased with this and feel more of a professional tarot reader! I highly recommend it!

If you would like a tarot reading from me, please email me here:

New Ritual for Letting Go

FullSizeRender 13.jpg

I don’t really consider myself to be particularly witchy, although I love magic and witchy objects. I’ve never been ritualistic really. On New Years Eve sometimes we burn one thing we wish for most, but it’s not a set ritual.

I always feel called to do something on the Solstice in particular. Yesterday was the Winter Solstice. I had a very long day but I already had an idea of what to do to honor the Winter Solstice. I kind of have an altar on my bookshelf. I don’t really call it that but it is my sacred space. I keep my wand that I made and candles on it, and my most treasured crystals. I do have the elements represented because I like that idea (the big seashell isn’t really in the picture).

Last night, I decided I would write down what no longer serves me and that I want to let go of and burn them. I wrote down 4 things, used my small candle to burn them down to ash in my abalone shell. I also used my bell that my Grandmother had given me a long time ago. It makes a nice sound. I rang it till I felt it was enough times just to conclude the ritual and I meditated on those things I burned.

I’ve always liked this ritual. I’ve done it a few times over the years of just burning the things I don’t want anymore or burning a wish. I’ve never done it in this formal setting before but felt like it was needed. Currently, I am working on some very hard things in my life  (physically and mentally) and I needed that tangible release of those things.  I wrote down I release before each thing I wanted to let go of.

My mother’s mother did a similar thing that I discovered once while in the river. I found a piece of paper under the water. I asked her what it was and she said it was a prayer she had put in the river to let it dissolve. I really liked that idea of either using water or fire for it.

I found having something I could touch and then let it go physically is a very healing act. I plan on saving this ritual and using when needed. An idea for letting go if you needed one.

New Practice and Using Small Spaces

FullSizeRender 13 copy 2.jpg

Recently, I started doing yoga for real for the first time. I avoided it since I have trouble kneeling but I found I can actually do all the poses or most of them. I am currently only doing Yin Yoga which is deep stretching. I realized I really needed it for my physical issues (won’t go into details here). I am working on my strength and getting stronger with all my muscles.

I am also working on getting stronger mentally by meditating daily (if I can). I just bought myself a Zafu cushion and sodalite mala necklace from the yoga studio I go to, and a little rug. I actually got the rug for my feet because my floor gets cold but it works as a double purpose for meditation too. Really happy about that! I don’t have a whole lot of floor space in my room so it’s a little spot next to my bed with all my cords and such for my heater.

If you needed an idea on how to use a small space for your practice, this is mine! I have never really considered myself to be religious, but if I had to put a label on it, I would say I am Pagan with some Buddhism thrown in. I am trying to practice living in the present as much as I can. Otherwise, I get panicky so this has actually started helping me with that. I highly recommend starting a mindfulness practice if you have that emotional issue. I recommend not waiting too long as well if you are deciding. Just try it. You can always stop when you want to! I feel kind of silly saying my mantra, but it has been helping me so I will keep practicing.

Update: Ireland! Reading for Others!

IMG_5613 2.JPG

This summer has been crazy busy! I went to Ireland for 2 and a half weeks recently! It was amazing! It was only my second time there. I went to Sligo, Donegal, and Connemara again (the above picture). I just love Connemara so much and their dialect of Irish is my favorite dialect that I am currently learning. I found the family I want to stay with next time for Irish immersion for next year. SUPER EXCITED!


Despite getting really sick at the end of the trip, it was the best! Got to meet so many nice people. I loved Donegal more than I thought I would. I thought it would be really full of tourists and it was the first day, but then the cruise ship left town and it got all quiet and felt normal. Actually got to play in some Irish sessions this time and met some great musicians!

I will definitely keep going back to Ireland! I did bring cards but never had a chance to really pull any cards while there. I have been researching the possible tarot courses online and have decided that’s what I will be doing for the Winter time. I have now done a few readings for others. I hope to gain professional level. Still a bit nervous about doing that, but I think if I go through a certified course, that will help with that! If you would like a reading from me, please let me know! Would love to gain more experience!

Cheers, Fiona

Update: Intuition


My Altar.jpg

This week was a pretty big week! Last Friday was my Grandfather’s 100th birthday! Yes, he is 100! We had a big family reunion from my Mom’s side of the family. It was a crazy weekend!

During the weekend though, I kept getting this pain in my lower right side. I was pretty sure it was appendicitis, but there are a lot of other scary things that could go wrong in that area too! By Monday, I told my Mom I needed to go to the ER because it wasn’t getting better. It took them a while to figure out what it was, but then they told me I had chronic appendicitis because it was scarred. Meaning, I had been fighting it without knowing it.

Lately, I’ve been completely obsessed with the crystal, carnelian and I keep buying it. I just recently acquired a large piece that I ordered from Canada. Normally, I don’t pay attention to crystal meanings or chakras so much. I like them because I like them. I wanted to be a geologist when younger. I find rocks fascinating. Today, I found out that carnelian is for the LOWER ABDOMEN AREA! That completely blew my mind! I was like, of course!

I couldn’t really figure out why I was so drawn to it before. Now I understand! Carnelian has dominated the left side of my sacred space for the most part. I also have a large sphere of Carnelian that’s not on the shelf. So, if you are drawn to a crystal consistently, check what it means and see if that is why you are drawn to it. It may be trying to tell you something!