Update: Intuition


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This week was a pretty big week! Last Friday was my Grandfather’s 100th birthday! Yes, he is 100! We had a big family reunion from my Mom’s side of the family. It was a crazy weekend!

During the weekend though, I kept getting this pain in my lower right side. I was pretty sure it was appendicitis, but there are a lot of other scary things that could go wrong in that area too! By Monday, I told my Mom I needed to go to the ER because it wasn’t getting better. It took them a while to figure out what it was, but then they told me I had chronic appendicitis because it was scarred. Meaning, I had been fighting it without knowing it.

Lately, I’ve been completely obsessed with the crystal, carnelian and I keep buying it. I just recently acquired a large piece that I ordered from Canada. Normally, I don’t pay attention to crystal meanings or chakras so much. I like them because I like them. I wanted to be a geologist when younger. I find rocks fascinating. Today, I found out that carnelian is for the LOWER ABDOMEN AREA! That completely blew my mind! I was like, of course!

I couldn’t really figure out why I was so drawn to it before. Now I understand! Carnelian has dominated the left side of my sacred space for the most part. I also have a large sphere of Carnelian that’s not on the shelf. So, if you are drawn to a crystal consistently, check what it means and see if that is why you are drawn to it. It may be trying to tell you something!

Year Ahead Spread Catch Up February and March


Deck used: Tarot of the Hidden Realm by Barbara Moore and Julia Jeffrey

I am late to write about my card for February. So, I’m probably going to be lazy and just combine some cards together instead of writing about one every month. It’s gotten crazy busy and more good, exciting things are still coming too!

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February Card: Ace of Swords

The Aces are all about opportunities and the need to act. The swords, in my opinion, are all about taking action. You’ve done the hard parts already: you’ve made a decision, you’ve made the plans. Now is the moment to act on those decisions and plans! It’s okay to be fierce and ambitious about what you want in life. Being intimidating in that way is okay! Don’t let others who are more insecure than you make you feel bad about it.

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March Card: Ten of Cups

The Ten of Cups promises a time to celebrate deep connections and relationships. As well as using your own inner crone wisdom to create these partnerships. It is a time for networking. A time to build on the relationships you already have around you, either with business or with love.

Current Sacred Spaces

I recently have got the cleaning bug on a BIG level! I’ve been cleaning shelf by shelf. Right now, working on my closet, that was my biggest disaster zone. I re-organized the shelves by my bed instead of having all my DVDs under my one tarot sacred space shelf, I moved them to one other bigger shelf and decided to put the bulk of my rock/crystal collection in two spaces.

It just really bugged me that the top shelf looked so nice and under it was just a bunch of plastic movies…not very sacred space related….SO, I did a big change and cleared it all off except the pictures of my Grandmother stayed, certain things she gave me as well as the ameryllis card a friend painted, and along with a painting of Katherine Howard that my Dad gave me. My Mom just gave me the fairy lights to add to it. I’m loving this setup! The lavender was a gift from a friend. Didn’t know you could dry it flat until she told me that.


That’s not all of my decks but the main ones I work with or the ones I want to work with. There’s a second row behind those three standing. Currently working with the Paulina Tarot because I haven’t really worked with it yet after having it for a year I think….


My Mom gave me a bowl of lavender and I realized that would be a perfect spot for my crystal eggs to look like a bird’s nest! Haven’t changed that shelf much besides that. Now it feels more of a sacred space to me! I’m excited about it!

Decks On My Wish List 2017

This year, I am trying to get the decks that have been on and off my list or that have just been on it forever. I want to challenge myself and try the decks that creep me out and that I have said no to in the past.

The first one being the Mary-El Tarot. I really didn’t like the alien like characters in some of the cards. Especially the High Priestess card made me say no to the deck. I am really curious now though and it has stayed on my list for a very long time. I was also against the size of the cards. I have small hands so I try to get decks that will be comfortable to use. I will probably trim that deck. It is also just such a classic.

The second one is the Dreams of Gaia Tarot that everyone has been raving about. I am very curious! I normally love the decks that are popular at the moment but I try not to go for them because of that reason. I do end up loving them though so I guess I should just go ahead with the popular vote, right?

The third I am curious about is the Linestrider Tarot. I was worried about all the whiteness of the background being too distracting. I usually don’t like decks that have a very dominant color. I am curious though.

I had said no to the Ceccoli Tarot because I thought it was very creepy looking and strange. I do not really have any shadow type decks though so I want to try it and see. Might get the mini version first.

The Prairie Tarot is also on my list. I just love the theme of the Old West. The hanged man is a bit odd and could be taken the wrong way which is why I have hesitated on it but I really like it.

The Tarot of Prague the second edition has been on there for a while. I have to just bite the bullet sometime and get it. I love the Alice Tarot and I wanted the tarot of Prague before they re-released it.

The Celestial Tarot has been on my list a while. I want it to start studying astrology. I have heard it’s a good study deck for that. I love constellations and the stars. I love astronomy, even though it scares me quite a bit. It’s just a happy accident we haven’t been blown to bits yet by certain events from Space….

The Cosmic Tarot has also been on my list a long time. I know I want to trim it if I get it.

The Moon Deck I have been on the fence about but I am pretty sure I want it. I don’t really have any affirmation type decks and I really like the artwork. Plus the box it comes in is SO pretty! I want at least one deck focused on the moon.

I just received the mini version of the Centennial RWS deck and I love it! I will be getting the full size version next. I got the mini to test it and now I have an awesome travel deck!

There are more on my list but those are the main ones I want to go after this year. What is on your list??

Year Ahead Spread 2017

Hello and hope everyone has had a great Christmas/Yule and Happy New Year! I wanted to try out the year ahead spread. I did one for my Mom for Christmas because she wanted a reading. I finally did one for myself. Technically, you’re supposed to do it on New Year’s Eve but that was a crazy weekend for me. I finally did it for myself today! I used one of my all time favorite decks, Tarot of the Hidden Realm by Barbara Moore and art by Julia Jeffrey.

It was tricky to fit this spread into one picture! Had to do several angles to get it right. Each card is for a different month. 13 cards, the middle card ending up in January again. I laughed when I got the “witchy” looking card (Ten of Cups) because I’ve been looking up witchy tools today. Funny timing! Apologies for the lighting but it’s Winter! Can’t do much about it. I did this spread on my bed. I don’t have a cloth yet, that’s next on my list to get! If any of this reading speaks to you too, feel free to take it and leave the rest! Keep in mind that I am somewhat new to tarot and still learning!


I’m going to do my best and write about each card I get for the month for each month. This month in January 2017 (is it really 2017 already??), I have the Five of Wands at the very top. The Five of Wands is all about inner or outer obstacles or conflicts that you have to work around and learn how to handle. Working with others and communicating clearly, otherwise confusion could make things more difficult than they need to be. Let the little things go, don’t make small things into big things and remain stuck on them. That won’t get you anywhere and is just a way of giving yourself excuses not to do something. Just do it!


Practice Readings for Testimonials

My big goal is to become a professional tarot reader. I have decided that I am actually going to start practicing reading for others but need a little help! I don’t have many people to read for besides a few family members and the advice I’ve gotten from other professional readers is to practice on strangers for a while to get started.

SO, I am asking for testimonials in exchange for FREE readings right now! I’m being brave and going for it! Let me know if you would like a tarot reading from me and would like to give me feedback that I can quote! Thanks in advance!

The Starchild Tarot–Akashic Edition


The Starchild Tarot-Akashic Edition self-published by Danielle Noel


The Starchild Tarot has been on my list for a long time! I finally decided to go ahead and get it! I was worried about the size of the cards. They are a bit big, but I actually love holding them. They have a lovely smooth, matte finish that’s just so nice to feel. I loved the backs to this edition of this deck.

I want to get the first edition when it is re-released in the new year without borders. I also love that this version is not gilded but it is edged in a coppery-gold. I have had problems with gilded edges. Not a huge fan of them. I tend to avoid decks with gilded edges.

I really love the colors in this version. I know the colors are different in the first edition. I also like that one of the suits has been changed to Crystals instead of Pentacles or Discs. I love crystals so any deck with crystals in it and I will most likely like it! I only received this deck in the mail yesterday so I haven’t had a chance to really work with it yet, other than look through all of the cards.

I’m pretty excited about it and I haven’t been able to stop picking it up and holding it. I haven’t even shuffled the deck yet, but I can’t put it down either. I think this is a new favorite! I’ve been only working with the Tarot Mucha for the past couple of months which has been great, but I wanted something different for November. I keep seeing this deck and everyone raves about it, so I thought I would join the bag wagon! I did have to save up for it, since it comes from Canada, it’s a bit pricey…but I’m glad I finally did!